The Team

Basically, Ann-Kristin is the visionary who draws circles, Terje is one who put everything in boxes, establishing systems and Elisabeth the organizer that collects and archives everything that happens. In the development stage, everyone has adopted to different tasks, and is dedicated to achieve the Dynamisk Helse vision; Effective dissemination of knowledge which produce employees that are feeling competent in their work and produces stabile workforce.

Ann-Kristin Johansen


Ann-Kristin is the founder and CEO of Dynamisk Helse. She has 20 year experience from the Norwegian public health system in various roles as a registered nurse. She has been working extensively within medical equipment sales to municipalities and hospitals. She is a popular speaker at innovation and health conferences, and has a broad network in directories, municipalities, health care organizations and hospitals. She has a burning desire to enhance and innovate the acquirement of knowledge, and is an accomplished chef.

Elisabeth Buhaug Moum


Elisabeth is educated historian, social worker and in pedagogy. She has a history in the company from 2012. Thus, she has dedicated extensive knowledge of our company and our primary market. She is fully dedicated to our vision and intricately involved in our customer interaction as project manager. She administrates our processes and documents our projects progress. Elisabeth is bright-minded, has great collaboration skills and always has a positive attitude.

Terje Mikalsen


Terje is the tech-guy of Dynamisk Helse. As CTO he manages and supervises the technological development in the Company and our products. He is directly involved within programming, UX and design. Terje has an informatics degree at NTNU, specializing in development of community – benefiting technology through disruptive thinking, innovation and man-machine interaction. With passion for music and plants, most of his off-time is consumed by these interests, particularly production of 80`s funk.



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